DSCF6431[1]A magnificent and powerful piece of equipment …

… one of my favorite full body moves … performed with two dumbbells …


Perform a full body warm-up before exercise and full body stretch after exercise.

Start with no weights, until your form is perfect … every couple of weeks or so, slowly increase the weight … perfect form is everything … avoiding injuries and slowly strengthening your glorious muscles.

This is how you radically transform your body for lasting results.

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“Irving Penn: The Centennial at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. April 24th to July 30th … the show will then travel the globe.

Irving Penn spent 66 of his 92 years as a photographer at Vogue. He created 165 covers, more than any other photographer. Described as a soul catcher.

Love, Liz

SLEEPING BEAUTY’S MUST HAVE … and mine … silk pillow and pillowcase

You wake without sleep lines, skin that retains it’s moisture, hair with less breakage and relief from allergens. Game changer!

Silk is a natural protein fiber.

Silk’s protein naturally contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Silk allows your skin to breathe and is a natural moisture and heat regulator.

Silk naturally repels dust mites, mold and mildew.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic.

My favorites …
Slip Silk Pillowcase
Kumi Kookoon Silk Filled Pillows

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As a Fitness Professional, I understand how powerful this movement is for achieving a strong, healthy core. Essential for living a vibrant, joyful life!

Perform this beauty a few times a week with perfect form. If you choose – challenge yourself and perform 2 – 3 sets.

1 minute full plank
30 second elbow plank
30 second each side … raised-leg plank
30 second each side … side plank
30 second full plank
1 minute elbow plank
bonus – add 1 minute up/down plank

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