This is the powerful question you need to ask yourself when creating healthy changes to your meal and physical activity design.

ALWAYS … create small, manageable goals.

ALWAYS … change slowly.

ALWAYS … take your time discovering what foods you love, satisfy you and make you feel your best.

ALWAYS … take your time discovering the physical activity you desire and you enjoy.

ALWAYS … love this process … it’s a way of deeply caring for yourself and this feels wonderful! And throughout your life, adjustments will always have to be made.

EXAMPLES … of healthy changes … don’t skip meals … plan simply prepared meals and snacks each week … add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your meal plan … be mindful of your portion size … always have healthy snacks available … hydrate more … Include daily walks into your life … take the stairs whenever possible … make restful sleep a priority … be compassionate and kind … surround yourself with inspiring beauty and supportive people.

And only do what you can maintain for the rest of your life … This detail makes all the difference❤️

Message me with questions or conversation
Love, Liz


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